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Located at South San Francisco - SF Magic Clean offers low rates service for Daly City, San Francisco and the entire Bay Area.


SF Magic Clean we strive to get you the quality of services you deserve. We take pride on offering professional services ranging from house cleaning, carpet cleaning and auto detailing. Our low prices rate house cleaning will fit your budget. MORE DETAILS

Why clean only your house, when a good part of your day you will be spending inside your car, That is why we went one step further - we provide you a TOTAL PACKAGE - you will look good on your car and come home to a perfectly clean house WITH a perfectly clean carpet! MORE DETAILS

Our carpet cleaning services are professionally  done and our low prices will make you save money - our mobile unit goes to your place and gets the job done in no time! Get your carpeting back to life, your kids will love it  MORE DETAILS

We can help to find a good house cleaning schedule that fits your budget - whether you want a spring cleaning, move in/move out cleaning, post construction cleaning - or a infrequent cleaning - we have the affordability you're looking for, call us today at: 650 271-7557 and schedule  a visit - or use our ONLINE FORM.















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