About us

Professional House Cleaning

SF HOME CLEANING offers the highest quality and most trusted name in professional house cleaning at a low and affordable rate. No matter what your needs are, we are equipped and ready to handle all of your cleaning needs.

Affordable cleaning services always! Whether it’s windows, carpets, area rugs, dry cleaning, laundry, tile and grout steam cleaning, or any other type of cleaning, you can rest easy knowing we'll get the job done!


Why Should You Hire us?

We know there are many house cleaning services out there to choose from, therefore we cut to the chase offering you great services and GREAT PRICES. We train each and every one of our employees with our unique cleaning methods to offer consistent quality services.

Life is demanding and between work, family time, entertaining guests and everything else that happens in our lives, who has time to clean? WE DO because that's our job... let us take care of your home and relax, you will love to get home.


What's the Cost?

We can find a cleaning schedule for every budget, so the cost to clean your home will vary depending on what type of house cleaning and maid services you are interested in. We offer professional services at very reasonable rates. We will gladly provide you with an estimate for our house cleaning services.

Call us today for your FREE house cleaning estimate at: 650-2717557 or get an ONLINE QUOTE NOW!